WATCH: Goalie guillotined and left lying there during Hockey match incident

In a recent Pacific Junior Hockey League (PJHL) game, a fight has sparked concern as it left North Vancouver Wolf Pack goalie, Evan Paul, motionless on the ice. The incident occurred during the team’s Jan. 25 match against the Richmond Sockeyes at Minoru Arena.

The video footage of the altercation reveals Richmond defenceman Eithan Grishin holding onto Paul for an extended period, following which the goalie slumps to the ice. Grishin received a match penalty for a blow to the head, as stated in the game summary.

A statement from the North Vancouver Wolf Pack confirmed Paul’s “severe injury,” and mentioned he is recovering at home. However, further details were not provided.

PJHL Commissioner Trevor Alto, when contacted by CBC News, has not responded to inquiries. The Richmond Sockeyes refrained from commenting, categorizing it as a “league matter” and alluding to an upcoming hearing.

The 19-year-old Richmond defenceman, Grishin, had previously faced suspensions totaling 16 games earlier in the season. The PJHL website notes a 13-game suspension on Nov. 16 for various infractions, including harassment of an official, being the third man in a fight, and being a repeat offender. Additionally, he received a three-game suspension on Sept. 26 for a match penalty.

B.C. Hockey and the Richmond RCMP have also been contacted for comments.

The incident adds to the ongoing concerns regarding player safety in hockey, prompting a review of league protocols and actions.