WATCH: When UFC Heavyweights grappled each other at a local BJJ tournament

An intriguing blast from the past has surfaced in the MMA community as an old footage of a grappling match between UFC stars Roman Dolidze and Nikita Krylov went viral on social media. The resurfaced video showcased the impressive ground skills of both fighters, ultimately leading to Dolidze securing victory with a knee bar submission.

Roman Dolidze and Nikita Krylov, renowned contenders in the UFC, demonstrated their grappling prowess in a submission grappling match at ADCC Ukraine a few years ago. The unexpected revelation of their past encounter sparked surprise and excitement within the MMA community.

The grappling match unfolded with both athletes engaging in intense ground exchanges. Dolidze, displaying strategic acumen, pulled guard and maneuvered Krylov into a closed guard position. In a pivotal moment, Dolidze lifted Krylov with his legs and swiftly secured a knee bar. Despite Krylov’s initial escape, Dolidze’s persistence proved crucial.

Undeterred, Dolidze caught Krylov’s leg once again, bringing him back to the mat. This time, Dolidze maintained control, locking in another knee bar with precision. The submission left Krylov in a compromised position, resulting in a vocal acknowledgment of defeat as he screamed in pain. Dolidze emerged victorious in the grappling showdown.

Nikita Krylov, who entered the UFC in 2018, has since competed in the light heavyweight division, amassing notable victories against tough opponents. The Ukrainian boasts a recent 3-0 record, securing wins over Alexander Gustafsson, Volkan Oezdemir, and Ryan Spann.

Roman Dolidze, a Georgian standout, made his mark in the middleweight division before joining the UFC in 2020 with an impressive 6-0 record. Despite a setback against Marvin Vettori in his last bout, Dolidze remains a formidable contender. He is scheduled to face Nassourdine Imavov in the middleweight division, headlining UFC Fight Night 235 this weekend, as he aims to reclaim victory and further solidify his position in the rankings.