WATCH: Former UFC champion Sean Strickland grapples fan at ski resort

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland recently made a fan’s dream come true with an impromptu grappling match at a ski resort. The unexpected encounter resulted in a memorable moment as Strickland showcased his skills, ultimately submitting the eager fan.

In the world of MMA, fans often yearn to experience a taste of their idols’ abilities, whether it’s a striking display or, in this case, a grappling match. These encounters are typically lighthearted, with professional athletes holding back their true power to ensure a fun and safe experience.

During a chance meeting at a ski resort, a fan approached Strickland and, after a brief conversation, boldly requested a quick grappling match. Without hesitation, Strickland agreed, and the two engaged in a spirited bout amidst the snowy surroundings next to a ski gondola.

The fan, displaying some grappling prowess, initiated a double-leg takedown with an aggressive approach. Catching Strickland’s leg, he attempted to gain control. seizing the opportunity, Strickland countered by securing the fan’s head and executing a successful guillotine choke, prompting the fan to tap out.

Despite the somewhat chaotic nature of the match, both Strickland and the fan enjoyed the experience, evident from the laughter heard throughout the encounter. The footage of this unexpected showdown quickly spread across social media, capturing the attention of MMA enthusiasts.

Reactions flooded the comment section, with fans expressing admiration for Strickland’s sportsmanship and the courage of the fan who took on the former champion.

“People’s Champ!”

“Sean had a smile on his face the whole time lol.”

“I admire the balls on the guy in orange to take on Strickland.”

While Strickland’s recent title defense against Dricus Du Plessis ended in a close split decision loss, this off-the-cuff grappling match demonstrates that the former champion continues to engage with fans in unexpected and entertaining ways, showcasing his passion for the sport even in leisure activities like snowboarding.