WATCH: Submission tears out half of the hair on the opponent’s head

ZARUBA Fight Night 6 took center stage on February 10 at the prestigious Al Habtoor Grand Resort in Dubai, UAE, captivating audiences with an array of thrilling matchups.

The event, streamed live on the promotion’s YouTube channel, showcased an impressive lineup of 16 bouts, featuring a mix of seasoned professionals and emerging talents from across the Middle East and beyond.

Among the standout matchups of the evening was the showdown between Robbie Scott and Ahmed Sobhy, two formidable fighters poised for an epic clash inside the cage. Scott, a seasoned veteran boasting a decade of experience in the MMA arena, entered the bout with a 5-4 professional record, determined to break free from a recent string of setbacks.

His opponent, Sobhy, hailing from Egypt, brought his own formidable skill set to the table, backed by a solid 5-5 record and a reputation forged in the competitive landscape of the Egyptian MMA scene. With two victories in his last three outings, Sobhy was eager to make his mark on the international stage.

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Scott emerged victorious in tonight’s matchup, sealing the deal with a devastating armbar submission that left his opponent tapping out in agony. However, the victory came at a price, as the intense struggle saw Scott inadvertently dislodging half of Sobhy’s hair in the heat of the moment.

The gripping showdown served as a testament to the unforgiving nature of MMA competition, where victory and defeat hang in the balance with every move. As Scott celebrated his hard-earned triumph, spectators were left in awe of the raw intensity and athleticism on display, a testament to the enduring appeal of combat sports.

As ZARUBA Fight Night 6 drew to a close, it left an indelible mark on the MMA landscape, showcasing the talent and tenacity of fighters from the Middle East region and beyond. With each exhilarating matchup, the event reaffirmed its status as a premier destination for fans of the sport, promising excitement and adrenaline-fueled action with every bout.