WATCH: Zawada pulls off incredible comeback, subs opponent with a heel hook

Oktagon MMA is a mixed martial arts promotion headquartered in the Czech Republic. It recently hosted Oktagon 53 on February 10 in Oberhausen, Germany.

The event showcased a multitude of matchups, featuring talented athletes from Germany and beyond. Amidst the exhilarating bouts, one match stood out for its intensity—an intense middleweight clash between David Zawada and Hojat Khajevand on the main card.

From the onset, the bout erupted into a fierce battle, with both exchanging blows in a bid for a swift victory. Despite the closely contested nature of the match, Khajevand asserted his dominance, delivering potent strikes and grappling maneuvers that seemed to overwhelm Zawada.

As the duel progressed through the three-round duration, Khajevand maintained control, dictating the pace. However, Zawada orchestrated a remarkable comeback in the final minute, displaying resilience and determination.

Amidst intense grappling exchanges, Zawada seized an opportunity and swiftly locked in a tight heel hook on Khajevand’s leg. In a moment of excruciating pain, Khajevand tapped out, conceding victory to Zawada via submission.

With this triumphant victory, David Zawada reclaimed his position in the win column, elevating his professional record to 19 wins and 9 losses. Conversely, Khajevand, who had previously enjoyed a streak of three consecutive wins, now sees his record diminish to 7 wins and 4 losses.