Craig Jones talks Gordon Ryan rivalry and funny sponsorship emails

Craig Jones recently discussed his rivalry with fellow jiu-jitsu competitor Gordon Ryan, touching on Ryan’s truck being stolen and an embarrassing email exchange with a fashion brand.

Jones mocked Ryan on social media after hearing that Ryan’s truck had been stolen from his driveway, saying Ryan “can’t even defend his own driveway” despite making videos about defending the southern border. Jones said the situation was “too good to be true” and he couldn’t resist taking a jab at Ryan.

Jones made an appearance on the MMA Hour and mentioned another funny incident.

Jones also recounted how Ryan mistakenly thought a spam email from fashion brand ASOS was a legitimate sponsorship offer. Ryan emailed ASOS back rejecting the offer, calling them “fascist” for supporting Black Lives Matter. However, it turned out to be a mass spam email campaign sent to millions.


Jones found the situation hilarious, saying “Are you… this is too good to be true. Like you must be doing this on purpose.” He knew it was spam because every comment on Ryan’s post was people saying they had gotten the same email.

The incidents highlight the ongoing rivalry between the two jiu-jitsu stars, with Jones taking enjoyment in poking fun at Ryan’s missteps and embracing opportunities to stir things up with his combat sports peer.


Ryan’s Asos email: