WATCH: Pro wrestler submits himself with an accidental rope entanglement

The world of combat sports was stunned by an accident that left Mexican pro wrestler Oro Jr. with a gruesome leg injury during a recent match.

In today’s era, most people are aware that professional wrestling is choreographed, with predetermined outcomes and carefully planned moves. However, it still maintains a loyal fan base and remains a significant business in the entertainment industry, combining athleticism, storytelling, and theatrics.

Despite the choreographed nature of pro wrestling, it’s important to recognize that much of the physical contact is real. The acrobatic moves and high-impact maneuvers require high levels of athleticism, skill, and rigorous training. As a result, wrestlers are often prone to severe injuries, and throughout history, there have been numerous cases of even the biggest stars in WWE suffering real and gruesome injuries due to freak accidents.

Recently, another accident occurred during a pro wrestling match in Mexico, this time involving Oro Jr., a well-known Mexican pro wrestler. Oro Jr., known for his small stature and agility during performances, is famous for jumping around the ropes and slamming his opponents with his impressive acrobatic skills.

Despite his proven skill and extensive experience in the ring, Oro Jr. still fell victim to an accident. During the match, he attempted to enter the ring by stepping on the top rope, hoping to use it as a foothold to launch himself towards his opponent inside the ring.

Unfortunately, his foot slipped, and his leg became trapped between the ropes. Not only that, but due to the momentum leading up to the accident, his body was still in motion, causing his knee to snap in the opposite direction.

The injury left fans stunned and heavily disturbed, with gasps heard almost simultaneously throughout the venue. However, Oro Jr.’s opponent did not initially realize the severity of the accident. The man continued the performance, kicking Oro Jr., who was entangled in the ropes with his knee bent at an awkward angle.

After some time, the opponent finally realized the extent of Oro Jr.’s injuries, prompting the referee to quickly stop the match. Medical staff also rushed to check on him and carried him out to receive proper treatment.