Sneako delivers a pitch perfect imitation of Musumeci, points out ‘bullying hypocrisy’

The ongoing feud between controversial online personality ‘Sneako’ and Mikey Musumeci escalates as Sneako offers his take on Musumeci’s reaction to Nate Diaz’s comments.

The contentious relationship between Sneako and Musumeci ignited when Sneako, during a live stream, critiqued various BJJ matches, including those featuring Musumeci and his cohorts. Expressing disdain for the sport, Sneako didn’t shy away from hurling verbal barbs.

The online squabble spilled onto social media platforms, culminating in Musumeci challenging Sneako to an MMA bout, despite Sneako lacking a substantial martial arts background save for boxing. However, the much-anticipated showdown never came to fruition.


Their virtual sparring continued online, but the feud regained momentum when Sneako, in a surprising turn, extended an invitation to UFC stalwart Nate Diaz to feature on his stream. In a departure from the expected support for Musumeci from the MMA community, Diaz aligned himself with Sneako, even employing derogatory language toward Musumeci.

In a remarkable display of sportsmanship, Musumeci responded to Diaz’s insults with grace, expressing admiration for the Diaz brothers and admitting defeat in an MMA match against Nate Diaz, while still extending an invitation for a grappling contest.

During a recent livestream, Sneako scrutinized Musumeci’s response to Diaz, criticizing it as too lenient compared to Musumeci’s reaction to Sneako’s own jibes, which, according to Sneako, were relatively mild.

“Hey Mikey, remember when you called me a bully for likening your speech to Mark Zuckerberg’s? Why the discrepancy in your response when Nate Diaz used a derogatory term? Your tone seems markedly different,” remarked Sneako.


Further, Sneako proceeded to lampoon Musumeci, mimicking the BJJ champion and highlighting purportedly unrealistic match stipulations.