Craig Jones proposes intergender championship clash with Gabi Garcia at Karate Combat

Brazilian jiu-jitsu star Craig Jones has proposed a unique clash between himself and ADCC champion/MMA star Gabi Garcia under the Karate Combat banner.

In a recent appearance on The El Segundo Podcast, Jones revealed that the massive Garcia recently contacted him about coming out of a 9 month retirement to “smash” him in competition. The two combatants have had an ongoing rivalry filled with trash talk exchanges.

“She messaged me saying she would smash me, bitch. And she said, use lube. And then she said, I’m better, 3 months depressed, bad. I’ve recovered now,” recounted Jones about their latest interaction.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Jones suggested Garcia meet him inside the Karate Combat pit to settle their rivalry.

“After this one, if it goes to the plan. Okay. You gotta see it. It’s getting the cold. We’re gonna have to settle this man to man,” stated Jones, proposing a clash under the promotion’s unique ruleset and production.

Karate Combat utilizes a pit arena surrounded by elevated spectators to emphasize striking exchanges. With crafty submission expert Jones taking on powerhouse Garcia, the matchup could provide the ultimate clash of styles.

Their trash talk and bravado will now need to translate into the heat of battle if the superfight comes to fruition.

Some fans have cast a shadow of doubt over Garcia’s MMA return considering she has been absent from the MMA scene for several years.

Craig Jones is focused on putting on an entertaining show when he makes his pit fighting debut at Karate Combat 44 this Saturday night against UFC’s Phil Rowe.