WATCH: Stick Ramirez chokes Bruno Cabrera out cold via first round anaconda submission

In a recent MMA showdown, an unexpected twist gripped audiences as one athlete executed a decisive anaconda choke on his opponent.

Fusion Fighting Championship, a renowned mixed martial arts organization headquartered in Peru, continues to captivate fans worldwide with its thrilling events. With a track record of hosting exhilarating matches, FFC once again delivered an electrifying spectacle at FFC 72 on February 22 in Lima, Peru.

Despite showcasing emerging talents, the event proved to be a magnet for MMA enthusiasts, drawing a devoted following eager for action-packed showdowns. Amidst the array of matchups, one encounter stood out – a bantamweight clash pitting Stick Ramirez against Bruno Cabrera on the preliminary card.

Both competitors entered the professional arena with no prior record, sparking uncertainty among spectators about the intensity of their debut bout. However, Ramirez and Cabrera defied expectations, showcasing remarkable skill and determination.

From the outset, they engaged in a fierce exchange of blows, demonstrating parity in striking prowess. Nevertheless, Ramirez exhibited superior grappling ability, asserting dominance as the contest progressed.

Transitioning to the ground, Ramirez seized control, subjecting Cabrera to a barrage of submission attempts. Despite Cabrera’s valiant efforts, Ramirez executed the anaconda choke, leaving his adversary overwhelmed and ultimately conceding defeat via submission.

The anaconda choke, a variant of the arm triangle choke, immobilizes the opponent by trapping one arm while applying pressure on the neck. Typically executed on the ground, Ramirez’s adeptness enabled him to secure victory even while standing, highlighting the efficacy of this uncommon technique.