WATCH: Man Defends Against Robber with an RNC

In a recent viral video captured by a street security camera, a man demonstrated the effectiveness of martial arts training by swiftly subduing a robber who attempted to steal from him and his partner.

The video begins with the couple walking together when they are approached by a robber on a bike, demanding their belongings. Despite the tense situation, the man remains composed and assesses the threat.

After instructing his partner to move to safety, the man seizes the opportunity to act. With remarkable speed and precision, he mounts the bike and wraps his arms around the robber’s neck, applying a tight RNC in a split second.

As the robber struggles to break free, the man maintains control, even using his legs to immobilize his opponent. Despite the robber’s attempts to escape, it becomes evident that the man possesses training in jiu jitsu or a similar martial art, as he expertly maintains the submission and prevents the robber from fleeing.

Throughout the altercation, the man’s primary concern remains the safety of his partner, whom he checks on while maintaining control over the subdued robber. Despite the intensity of the situation, the man’s training allows him to stay focused and in control until help arrives or the threat is neutralized.

While the outcome of the incident is not shown, the man’s quick thinking and skilled execution of martial arts techniques undoubtedly played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of himself and his partner.