UFC FPI Drama: Meregali accuses Diniz of taking ‘a lot of gear’ to compete

Brazilian jiu-jitsu star Nicholas Meregali recently gave an interview ahead of his match against Matheus Diniz at an upcoming UFC FPI jiu-jitsu event. In the interview,Meregali accused his opponent Diniz of using PEDs to prepare for their match.

When asked about his thoughts on facing Diniz, Meregali stated “He looks huge. So I think he took a lot of gear to compete.” This seems to be a direct allegation from Meregali that Diniz is using PEDs to gain an unfair advantage.

Meregali went on to say “So this card is gonna be terrible. I’m gonna tie him up in 4, 5 minutes, and then start working my techniques, build up the pace and then take him down, pin him, and get the submission.” Clearly confident in his abilities, Meregali believes he will easily defeat his allegedly PED-enhanced opponent.

It remains to be seen if Diniz will directly respond to Meregali’s inflammatory statements. But the Brazilian’s comments have added an extra layer of intrigue leading up to their highly anticipated match.

Meregali seems adamant that he can overcome any chemical advantages his opponent may have gained.

This is especially interesting because there are plenty of speculations about Meregali’s own body transformation ever since he moved to Texas to accompany Gordon Ryan.

Ryan is one of the first BJJ competitors to publicly admit to using PEDs and even recently replied to a fan with no filter: