Parents get into an altercation at Youth wrestling tournament

Many kids get into sports – to learn about discipline and curb their temper. As it happens – often the issue is not their temper but that of their parents.

Recently a video surfaced of a Youth wrestling tournament. What makes this footage unique is that this video features some very angry parents of kid wrestlers who proceed to physically confront each other.

To make things worse – the two parents in the conflict are a man and a woman and they’re initially separated by a couple of kids who feel the tension escalating between the two.

The man goes to get into the woman’s face – at which point she grabs at his neck and multiple on lookers get involved. Both the man and the woman had to be held back from escalating the confrontation. The on lookers struggled to contain the man and he can be seen getting dragged away from the conflict as he hangs onto the woman’s clothing. The woman is fully involved as well. after the man is dragged away and held in single leg the woman takes down another person wo was holding her back. The woman proceeds to further scrap with the other parents..

When all was said and done three people received municipal citations after police investigated the incident.

After an investigation, police determined parents attending the event had been involved in a verbal and physical altercation, police said.

The incident gained widespread attention after a video surfaced. The said video was initially deleted off of twitter.