WATCH: 28s Von Flue submission steals the show at PFL Europe

In a stunning display of skill and efficiency, Daniele Miceli made waves in the MMA community with his lightning-fast victory via a Von Flue choke, securing a memorable win in just 28 seconds during a recent Professional Fighting League (PFL) event in Europe.

PFL Europe 1: 2024 marked the organization’s triumphant return to the continent, showcasing Europe’s top emerging MMA talents in an exhilarating night of fights held on March 7 in Paris, France.

While every bout delivered its own thrills, it was the welterweight clash between Daniele Miceli and Yassin Najid that stole the spotlight. Despite its brevity, the match captivated audiences with its intensity and swift conclusion.

From the onset, both fighters exhibited ferocity, engaging in a flurry of strikes and grappling exchanges. Najid’s powerful left hand found its mark early, but Miceli remained composed, focusing on his grappling expertise.

As Najid executed a double leg takedown, aiming to capitalize on his grappling prowess, Miceli seized the opportunity to implement his game plan. In a rapid sequence, Miceli ensnared Najid in a Von Flue choke, catching his opponent off guard.

Despite Najid’s valiant efforts to escape, Miceli’s technique proved too formidable, securing a tight grip and forcing his opponent to submit within mere seconds of the match’s commencement.

The Von Flue choke, named after professional mixed martial artist Jason Von Flue, serves as a potent shoulder choke maneuver utilized from side control, effectively neutralizing opponents attempting guillotine chokes.

With this emphatic victory, Daniele Miceli bolstered his professional MMA record to 12 wins and 5 losses, maintaining an impressive three-win streak. Conversely, Yassin Najid endured a consecutive defeat, with his record now standing at 9 wins and 5 losses.

Miceli’s remarkable performance not only solidifies his status as a rising star in the MMA realm but also underscores the significance of technique and strategy in achieving swift and decisive victories within the cage.