WATCH: BJJ saves the day in a dicey situation in Rio

In the realm of self-defense, martial arts offers invaluable skills for protection. Among the array of martial arts disciplines, Brazilian jiu jitsu emerges as a formidable choice. This art of grappling and submission enables individuals to safeguard themselves without inflicting undue harm that could escalate situations.

A recent social media sensation showcased the efficacy of Brazilian jiu jitsu in real-life scenarios. The footage, now widely circulated, captures a confrontation between two individuals in a nondescript location. The altercation unfolds with two shirtless figures, one clad in blue shorts and the other in brown, facing off with ambiguous motives.

The catalyst for the altercation remains undisclosed, yet the combatants opt for a physical resolution. Upon commencement, it becomes evident that the individual in blue shorts possesses martial arts proficiency. Swiftly evading the brown shorts wearer’s strikes, he retaliates with a precise leg maneuver, compelling his adversary to retreat. Subsequently, he advances, unleashing a flurry of controlled strikes.

Amidst the exchange, the adept combatant executes a flawless takedown, leveraging his opponent to the ground with a single-leg maneuver. Transitioning seamlessly, he proceeds to employ ground-and-pound tactics, landing calculated blows upon his opponent’s cranium.

Remarkably resilient, the brown shorts wearer continues to engage despite enduring substantial punishment. Recognizing the efficacy of grappling, the individual in blue shorts capitalizes on his expertise. Maneuvering his opponent, he secures a dominant position and swiftly initiates a rear-naked choke hold.

Evidently lacking martial arts proficiency, the brown shorts wearer swiftly concedes defeat, signaling submission. However, the victor persists in his chokehold, seemingly intent on asserting dominance.

Despite repeated taps indicating surrender, the blue shorts wearer persists, disregarding the pleas for cessation. Observers, captured from afar, eventually intervene, albeit the footage concludes before resolution.