UFC vet Frank Mir talks having to break a guy’s arm during an incident for not giving up after tapping

MMA legend Frank Mir recently shared his perspective on the role of jiu-jitsu in confrontations during an episode of The HJR podcast. Mir, a former UFC heavyweight champion, emphasized the distinction between a “duel” and a “fight” when it comes to physical altercations.

According to Mir, a duel typically involves a straightforward fistfight, often driven by ego. In such cases, he mentioned instances where he allowed opponents to tap out, signaling surrender. However, Mir emphasized that in real life scenario, the rules are different.

Mir recounted an incident where an opponent tapped out while he had them in a submission hold, only to resume hostilities once released. He asserted that in a genuine fight, there is no room for such concessions, recalling a situation where he continued the struggle even as his opponent tapped out while under threat.

“I’ve had situations where I grab people and put them down and they go ‘okay stop, I’m done.’ I go, ‘okay really? are you? and if I let you up and you do something I won’t let you up the second time, you know’.” Mir said.

He added, “a fight there is no ‘I’m done, I’m done’. Actually, I’ve had a guy tap on me before I broke his arm. You know like he’s tapping as I’m breaking his arm like, so what? dude, you just had me on the bottom’. He was just stomping on me. Do you think now I’m gonna let him go? No, you screwed up.”

Addressing criticisms that grappling may not be effective in chaotic brawls, Mir countered that vulnerability exists regardless of fighting style. He argued that even strikers are susceptible to attacks from behind and emphasized the universality of this vulnerability.

Despite being celebrated for his grappling prowess, Mir acknowledged his multifaceted skill set, proficient in both striking and grappling techniques. Throughout his career, he demonstrated a preference for grappling-heavy tactics, securing victories through submissions such as the Mir lock, a shoulder-lock-based technique.

Mir’s insights shed light on the complexities of self-defense strategies in real-world scenarios, highlighting the nuanced considerations involved in navigating physical altercations. As a seasoned veteran of mixed martial arts, his perspective offers valuable insights for practitioners and enthusiasts alike.