Gordon Ryan’s body looks unrecognizable during BJJ competition hiatus

Gordon Ryan candidly shared insights into his health journey, highlighting the impact of PEDs and emphasizing the essence of developing “real muscles ” recently.

Battling recent health issues, including a severe streptococcal infection affecting his throat and stomach, the American athlete opened up to his fans about his current state and offered a thought-provoking perspective on ster*id use.

Gordon Ryan has never denied using ster*ds and took the opportunity to challenge the perception that anabolic agents alone significantly alter an athlete’s body mass. Hindered by health concerns, Ryan disclosed a nearly 10kg (22 lbs) weight loss due to the enforced rest he faced in recent months.

But Ryan’s physique stunned everyone when he surfaced in a recent vlog. A noticably slimmer Ryan raised eyebrows. But Ryan’s physique stunned everyone when he surfaced in a recent vlog. A noticeably slimmer Ryan raised eyebrows.

Despite what looks like a massive transformation, Ryan recently disuaded fans from thinking his weight varies greatly.

Ryan shared the following in the beginning of March:

The image shows an instagram conversation. The first questio from a user named “sambagger” asks “@gordonlovesjjujitsu Are you on ster0ids/cycling right now”.

The reply from “@gordonlovesjjujitsu” says:
“@sambagger no, but I am tiny though ???? hahs I haven’t really been able to eat much at all like 3 months. I’ve lost 25 lbs. Usually when I’m on cycle I’m 225-235. When I’m off cycle I’m 225. When my stomach gets bad and I can’t really eat I drop under 215”

It’s likely Ryan is currently experiencing those issues. A while ago, Danaher was asked about Ryan’s health. Danaher revealed, “The sad news, of course, is that Gordon’s going through a health crisis right now and is very, very sick. So we miss him immensely in the training room, obviously.”

Considering Yuri Simoes has recently undergone a shoulder surgery, Ryan still has a decent chance to compete and win against him at ADCC 2024.