Former UFC Champ Aljo Sterling brags about manhandling UFC heavyweight Jamahal Hill in a BJJ session

Former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling recently showcased his grappling skills in a session with fellow UFC contender Jamahal Hill.

Hill is preparing for his upcoming bout to reclaim the title he was forced to give up due to injury. He recently engaged in a training session with Aljamain Sterling. The session was captured on video and shared on Sterling’s channel. It highlighted Sterling’s dominance in various grappling positions against Hill.

In a post-session discussion, Aljamain Sterling expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, emphasizing that size isn’t the sole determinant of dominance in grappling.

He asserted, “It just lets me know that I don ‘t need to be 260 [pounds] to dominate somebody. I mean yeah, they can explode a couple times but when they get tired, if you’re in a bad position you ‘rejust in a bad position. So I definitely feel good about it and I know that I could do a lot better than people may want to admit. ”

He went on to say: “Because they just can ‘t wrap their head around someone that much smaller than them actually being able to control them and pin them down and submit them. But this is reality.”

The footage sparked discussions among MMA enthusiasts, drawing comments from notable figures like Derek Brunson. While acknowledging Sterling’s grappling skills, Brunson humorously stated, “Excellent grappler, but not me Aljo I’m a grown a ** man.”

Beyond MMA competition, Aljamain Sterling has actively engaged in submission grappling contests. Following his loss in an MMA bout last August, Sterling redirected his focus towards grappling competitions. He secured victories in events such as Polaris 25: Absolute GP, where he emerged triumphant against Mike Grundy.

Sterling’s journey in submission grappling hasn’t been devoid of challenges. Despite setbacks like his loss to Kevin Dantzler at Fury Pro Grappling 8, Sterling quickly rebounded with impressive victories. Notably, he secured a split decision win over Chase Hooper at ADXC 2, reaffirming his resilience and skill in the grappling world.