WATCH: Tourists brawl for best selfie spot

A group of visitors started brawling for a selfie spot at the summit of a 15,000-foot peak. This prompted the security personnel to intervene in order to keep them under control.

A group of adults can be seen in a video pushing and shoving one another on the observation deck of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Yunnan province, China.

Before the altercation started, dozens of visitors were observed attempting to get closer to the side while standing in the snow with umbrellas and raincoats.

Apparently, a visitor lost his patience and punched the guy in front. He seemed to forget that he could have pushed someone off the 15,354-foot-tall platform.

Others started joining in on the incident as it spiraled out of control. People were brawling over who got to take the selfie spot next.

According to local media, a guy and a woman got into a violent argument with another lady. Video shows that although other guests attempted to step in, the gang was determined to be physical.

The brawl apparently didn’t stop until security personnel stationed surrounding the location separated them.

Police reports state that the individuals involved have now made up.

On the Chinese social media platform Weibo, people’ responses to the incident were divided. Some ridiculed the group, while others criticized it.

“It’s too shameful for people who have money and leisure,” commented one person.

Another user joked, “They have made an appointment to compete at the Jade Dragon Peak. Don’t join in the fun.”

A third person said, “Arrange for them to go to the Himalayas to guard the border.”

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a popular tourist destination which is well-known for its cable cars and picturesque vistas.

Although skiing is not feasible on the mountain now, snow tubing has grown in popularity among visitors in recent years.