WATCH: Joe Rogan reacts to Mighty Mouse’s unbelievable Open Weight run at Pans

UFC commentator Joe Rogan thinks that Demetrious Johnson is the mixed martial arts GOAT. Despite often being overshadowed in discussions about the sport’s greatest competitors, Rogan consistently ensures Johnson is included in the conversation.

Demetrious Johnson had an incredible run in the UFC, taking home the first flyweight title and successfully defending it 11 times until moving to ONE Championship in 2018.

Johnson’s recent victories extend beyond the confines of the octagon. At the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Pan American Championship, Johnson recently won two more titles. He won silver in an openweight competition and gold in the featherweight Masters class.

In a recent episode of his well-liked podcast, Rogan observed in surprise as the 155-pound former UFC contender submitted a nearly 100-pound larger opponent.

Standing at a mere 5 feet 3 inches, Johnson defied expectations. Recently, he competed against Michael Sante Medina who is towering at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing approximately 250 pounds (113 kg). The two competed in the open weight quarterfinal.

Despite the significant height and weight difference, Johnson surprised spectators as well as Joe Rogan. He ended up securing victory through a submission against his much larger adversary.

Known for his astute analysis and candid commentary, Joe Rogan praised Johnson’s skills during a recent episode of his popular podcast. Witnessing Johnson’s ability to overcome considerable physical disparities left Rogan awestruck.

He highlighted Johnson’s exceptional technique and adaptability, emphasizing the sheer audacity and skill required to compete against opponents of varying sizes and disciplines.

Rogan said: “How crazy is that? ‘Mighty Mouse’ took on a guy who is 250lbs in a jiu-jitsu tournament and he tapped him. The dude was heavier than him by 100lbs. The dude was enormous, the guy was so much bigger than him. He’s great at everything too.”

“Look at the size difference. Look at how big that dude is. ‘Mighty Mouse’ is so slick. He manages to stay on top, which is really crazy. It’s crazy that he couldn’t get him off him. That’s technique.”

“It’s pretty wild that he’s even willing to do this. He’s still doing MMA, he’s still doing high-level championship fights and he’s competing in a Gi tournament, which is nuts!”

Excited with what he had just seen, Rogan disregarded Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre in favor of referring to Johnson as the best combatant in mixed martial arts history.

Rogan went on to say: “He’s probably the best ever, in terms of just pure martial arts technique. I think the best expression of martial arts technique is ‘Mighty Mouse’.”

Johnson hasn’t competed since defeating Adriano Moraes in a trilogy match in May of last year.