WATCH: 7 year old attempts a back breaker in BJJ competition, ref intervenes

In a heart-stopping moment at the Singapore Ju-Jitsu Open 2024 by BJJ Roots, the quick actions of a coach prevented a potentially severe injury to a seven-year-old girl participating in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu match.

The girl’s mother, Stomper Celine, shared a video of the incident, highlighting the coach’s intervention when the girl’s opponent attempted an illegal and dangerous move.

Just 30 seconds into the match, the male opponent executed a move that put the girl at risk, prompting the coach to swiftly step in and halt the bout. Despite initial hesitation from the referee, the coach’s decisive action played a crucial role in ensuring the girl’s safety.

Following the incident, the mother expressed concerns regarding the handling of the situation by the event organizer, BJJ Roots, emphasizing the importance of experienced referees and a safe environment for young participants in competitive sports. The Gentle Art Academy, where the girl trained, emphasized the need for vigilance and safety in such competitions.

While the mother shared her daughter’s emotional reaction to the incident, she commended the coach’s prompt intervention and her daughter’s bravery in choosing to continue the match. The girl’s well-being remains a priority, with ongoing observations for any potential lasting effects from the incident.

It is essential for competition organizers to prioritize safety and uphold standards of fair play and professionalism to ensure a positive environment.