Ben Askren ridicules new World Record holder for number of push-ups in an hour

Ben Askren is an esteemed wrestler, a UFC veteran, and former Bellator and ONE FC champion. He also took part in the ADCC competition some years back.

He recently made some cutting remarks about the Guinness World Record holder for the most push-ups completed in an hour. Many fans, including Askren, have criticized the athlete’s form and posture during the record-breaking attempt.

Push-ups are a fundamental exercise for grappling. This simple yet effective exercise helps grappler build upper body strength, endurance, and explosiveness that are necessary for success on the mat.

In wrestling, upper body strength is crucial, especially in the upper body clinch, which is used to control and take down opponents. A wrestler who can perform multiple push-ups with proper form will be better equipped to dominate their opponents in these situations.

Moreover, push-ups also help wrestlers improve their endurance, allowing them to stay strong and competitive throughout the entire match. By increasing their endurance with regular push-up training, wrestlers can sustain their energy levels and avoid fatigue, which can lead to poor performance and even defeat.

In addition to strength and endurance, push-ups also help wrestlers develop explosiveness, a crucial attribute in wrestling. Explosiveness allows wrestlers to quickly execute takedowns, escapes, and reversals, and to move their opponents with force and speed.

Askren stated that he did not see the athlete performing a single proper push-up. Lucas Helmke, the world record holder, completed 3206 push-ups in 60 minutes. However, some fans questioned whether these push-ups met the standard form and criteria necessary to be considered legitimate.

One Twitter use claimed that the athlete was not doing proper push-ups at all. Another user made a humorous comment about the push-up technique, joking that it was responsible for their children.

Several other fans also voiced their opinions about the Guinness World Record holder. Some joked that the athlete had not done any push-ups at all, while others claimed that they could do more push-ups than Helmke.

Some even referenced fitness standards from the military and the presidential fitness patch to explain why the push-ups were not legitimate.