Gordon Ryan is offering cash bounties on tapping former teammates

Gordon Ryan may not be participating in the upcoming UFC Invitational 4, but he has stirred up some excitement by offering bounties on his former teammates who will be competing at the event.

After a split from the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York earlier this year, Ryan, along with John Danaher and Gary Tonon, formed a new team called New Wave Jiujitsu. Meanwhile, Craig Jones, Nicky Rodriguez, and Gordon’s younger brother Nicky Ryan branched out to create the “B-Team.”

Jones often takes jabs at Ryan on social media, but it seems that Ryan’s response carries a more personal tone.

Ryan has put a $500 bounty on the heads of his ex-teammates, specifically targeting Craig Jones and Nicky Rodriguez in the BJJ event. Taking to Instagram, Ryan stated, “I’ve privately invested thousands of dollars into this venture. Bounties are out, and they always stick because this team is so utterly atrocious they can’t win anything .”

He continued, “Pedro, El Montrso, and many others have been sent $500 by myself for beating top D-team members. They actually lose so often they’re gonna bankrupt me. Anyone who beats Nicky Fraud and just not good enough Jones in this upcoming event will get $500 cash from me that night.”

In the previous UFC Invitational event, Ryan faced off against Nicky Rodriguez, who broke his ankle during the match. Despite the injury, Ryan pushed through and emerged victorious.

The upcoming event will see Craig Jones against Felipe Pena. If Jones happens to lose, it adds an amusing twist as Ryan will have to send money to yet another BJJ rival with whom he has had significant beef for a long time.

Jones has been vicious in his trolling of Ryan, having done the last episode of his hit podcast donning a graying wig beard combo and discussing autism in bjj in a thinly veiled jab at Ryan.

This isn’t the first time Jones managed to get under his skin.


A reddit leaker has helped heighten tensions between the two camps. While there was a truce based on withholding details of the team split from the public, the truth has been recently threatening to bubble out.

The split is said to be a rooted in the rift between brothers who allegedly haven’t spoken for two years following the initial split.

There are rumblings about Ryan’s extraordinary lifestyle with his rumored wife that may have contributed to the split.

Previously, Ryan tried to spoof them calling them the D team, which may have backfired considering his long rumored proclivities.