Gordon Ryan roasts Kade Ruotolo for claiming he could defeat him if he was off PEDs

In a recent exchange, Gordon Ryan forcefully responded to claims made by the Ruotolo brothers, Kade and Tye, suggesting they could defeat him in a match if he was not using PEDs.

According to reports, Kade Ruotolo made comments insinuating that Ryan’s success in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is largely due to his size, which is allegedly aided by the use of PEDs. Ruotolo stated, “I think the only thing that makes his jiu-jitsu work is his size. You know, if you look at his size right now, I don’t even think that I mean, you know, everyone has different things going on, but he has the same body type he has before. He took all these different ster-ids.”

Ruotolo further claimed that if Ryan were to compete against his brother Tye while not using PEDs, the match would be “effortless” for Tye, implying that Ryan’s skills would be significantly diminished without the purported size advantage.

In response, Gordon Ryan took to social media to dismiss the Ruotolo brothers’ claims and questioned the feasibility of implementing widespread PED testing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions. Ryan highlighted the financial challenges of implementing such testing, stating that most athletes in the sport do not generate enough revenue to justify the high costs associated with comprehensive testing programs.

But this level headed reply wasn’t the end of it. Ryan also fired shots at Andre Galvao, long time mentor of the Ruotolos.

Ryan’s response seems to suggest that he believes the Ruotolo brothers’ claims are unfounded and that their opinion on his alleged PED use is not substantiated. He appears to be challenging the notion that his success is solely dependent on his size and dismissing the idea that he would be easily defeated by the Ruotolos without the purported advantage of PEDs.

This exchange has reignited the ongoing debate surrounding PED use in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the challenges of implementing effective testing measures in a sport with limited financial resources.